Managing a move to your new forever home.

16 Mar 2019 3 min read No comments Australia
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Moving House
Moving house doesn’t need to be so painful. Photo by Nick Rice / CC BY-ND 2.0


So the time has come. You’ve chosen your new forever home but the trouble is; it’s in a city where you have no family or friends. Strange as it may seem, this happens to quite a lot of young families. Whether it’s a new job in Canberra or the chance for an off-the-grid adventure in the Blue Mountains, there are many reasons why families move to new cities and areas without knowing all that much about their new home.

With this in mind, we thought we’d rustle up a few tips to help movers start their new life with minimum fuss. Follow these tips and we’re pretty sure your move will be a little less of a nightmare and actually go smoothly.

Pack like a pro

It may cost you a few extra dollars but we highly recommend having a professional moving company come in and pack your stuff. The chances are, you’re using a company to move everything to your new house and this will be most likely done by rail. But if you pay a few hundred dollars extra, you can have the moving guys come in and do all the packing for you. You can even go one better and have them unpack your belongings at the new place.

Back to school

You’ll need to speak to your kids’ current school to get notes on their progress in class. You’ll also need to pick up a transfer certificate which as you may have guessed, makes the whole transfer process run a lot more smoothly. Many people don’t realise that you’re actually supposed to contact the education department in your new state before you contact the actual school. They will then give you all the information you need about the transfer so pay close attention.

Managing those unexpected expenses

Of course, there will be some unexpected expenses that crop up during the move that you simply can’t avoid. Using your credit card is one option but if you haven’t got one, then you might want to look into a short term loan. The great thing about this type of loan is that firstly, you’ll pay it off quickly and secondly, it’s a bad credit loan. This means that if your credit score has taken a hit in recent times, you can still access funds.

Remember the legal stuff

If you’re changing address, then you’ll need to make sure that your name is on the electoral roll of your new state. Even if you’re moving within the same state, you’ll still need to advise the electoral commission of your new address. You won’t believe how many people forget this until it’s time to vote.

If you move to another state, then your car will also need a roadworthy inspection within the first three months of your big move. This is law and you really need to keep on top of it. Don’t just assume that you can carry on driving as normal. Contact the local motoring department and find out exactly what you need to do.

Moving to a new city or town is a big deal and we’re not going to lie to you; it will be tough at first. But stay on top of the most important legal things and everything else will no doubt fall into place. Oh and by the way, once you arrive, join a club or group and get to know your new neighbours.


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