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4 Reviews on “Appetency Recruitment Services”

4 reviews
  • Simon

    I would like to thank you for your time and effort. It’s always
    comforting to talk to recruiters that actually know IT. Thank you for
    your assistance in finding me the right role.

  • S.Jones

    Mike was really nice to talk to and really helpful throughout the recruitment process. It was a pleasure dealing with you. Thank you for helping me in finding a great role. I look forward to working with you in future.

  • Jyoti Gautam

    Good company to work with, Incredible people & dynamic work environment.I worked with appetency recruitment more then one years, the experience is very good with them.They follow all the process which takes the work smoothly. I would always recommend Appetency recruitment services.

  • Emmanuel Cordial

    Appetency have done a tremendous Job finding a Job for me. They are very thorough with their work, very professional and at the same time understand what the applicants are going through. Definitely the best recruiter I have encountered in my 10 years of career. I will definitely recommend Appetency.

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